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    Pro Outlaw Drag Boat # 420
Screamin Seaman/Racing Kain
Owner: Terry Kain
Driver: Terry Kain 

The Drag Boat (Screamin Seaman/Racing Kain Pro Outlaw # 420) is a capsulated hydro blown Alcohol bad boy of speeds over 170 MPH.

 The Team (Racing Kain/Screamin Seaman) races in the Pro Outlaw 5.4 second in a 1000ft.

We are Racing Kain drag boat team coming to your television near you this year! Racing Kain and Lucas Oil Drag Boat racing series are gearing up for this season.
The Racing Kain team is always looking for better ways to get down the track in first place. Please consider a corporate or local small business sponsorship,
either by providing a financial contribution or by complementary use of your fine products.

 Their are many
PROMOTIONAL EVENT PACKAGES available if you are interested please click on the sponsors link for more details. This Season is going to be exciting and fun.
If you are the type that likes to get up closer please join us at the races and watch us run we are one of the crowd favorites. We have next season's Drag Boat schedule check it out come by the pits we would love to see you.

When the race season is over we would like to
 Thank all the Crew, sponsors and fans!
Special Thanks to Racers Emergency Support Program and
Racers for Christ team, for all the help and Prayers

Racing Kain Gearing up for the season, see you at the track soon!
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This website will be changing all the time as the season progresses.
New updates as they happen like Sponsorships, more pictures, how the boat is doing, and much much more!
Please check out the site and come back later to see the exciting news!


Let's go racing!!!!---------Let's go racing!!!!---------Let's go racing!!!!---------Let's go racing!!!!---------Let's go racing!!!!---------







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