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Racing Kain/Screamin Seaman
 Pro Outlaw # 420 Drag Boat
Owner: Terry Kain
Driver: Terry Kain


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Racing Kain – Screaming Seaman Drag Boat Team Members
Terry Kain – Owner/Driver
Terry Kain – Team Manager     Jesse Kain – Dad’s Biggest Fan
Mike Hertrich – Pit Crew Manager
Fred Humphrey – Pit Crew Assistant
Elgin Fellers – Pit Crew Assistant
Jim B/Lee Warren – Engine Tuner
John Taylor – Promotional Director
Fred Hornbarger

Special Thanks to those Sponsors and friends that have helped us and continue to help us on our way:

Loretta and Richard Graeff –
Exteneded web

Thanks to BIG DADDY'S SHELL Marble Falls TX.

Ralph Gorr – Gorr Fuel Systems

J.R. Rodarmel – RBS Superchargers

Greg Wright – Wright Way Blowers

Rex Hutchison – Rex Hutchison Racing Engines

Eric Vernon – Vernon Roofing and Construction

Corry Clayton – Clayton Racing Engines

Eric Townsley – Eric’s Santa Fe Auto Machine

Laney Smith – Rocksmith Precision Machining

Jessica – Clarion Phoenix

Larry’s Engine and Marine

Jim Buesse – Wolfcreek Motorsports

 Ryan Baxter

Sarah Manzanares

Dart Engines

Mike Wheeler

Joe Dutra

Peggy Sue

Mike Schiller and Renee Haskell

Ron Pitts

Lee and Erin Boyd

Stan and Juanita Tweedy

Dangerous Dave

Mike Collins

Will Wing


Rick Barretta

Loretta and Richard Graeff

Kurt Powers

Scott Sosbee

Ricky and his Dad from Marble Falls


Cliff Gonzalez

Ed Freer

Greg Lumpard

All Kinds of Painting
Los Alamos, New Mexico


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       Racing Kain Drag Boat Racing Team




We are Racing Kain, and we are coming to a television near you later this year! We race drag boats in the Lucas Oil Drag Boat racing series and we are gearing up for this race season. Please consider a corporate sponsorship, either by providing a financial contribution or by complementary use of your fine products.


Drag boat racing is a crowd favorite. Our events routinely draw spectators by the thousands, and our major events are televised worldwide via NBC Sports, MAVTV, TNN, Speed Chanel, Versus and other sports channels. Our competitors are routinely covered in national publications like Drag Boat Review and Hot Boat Magazine. Lucas Oil currently owns the drag boat racing franchise and has been promoting drag boat racing heavily along with its televised coverage.  We have an excellent relationship with Lucas Oil who has approached us with an opportunity for an on board camera for the race season. 


Racing Kain will be racing a blown alcohol drag boat this season in the Pro Outlaw class. This is one of the toughest classes with a seven second bracket and speeds over 170 MPH! The top ten qualifiers all have qualifying times with in 10 one thousandths of the 5.4 second bracket time. We are a small team, but extremely dedicated and well liked by our fans and Lucas Oil. We have a loyal fan base and have even had total strangers tattoo our boat and logo on themselves; talk about loyal fans! Last season we were inched out with our “near perfect run” (quoted by Lucas Oil/Speed Channel) with a .04 reaction time and a 6.996 time in the world finals. This season we know we will be tough to beat, and we are very excited to compete and take the world championship!


As a corporate sponsor, your company name or logo will be proudly displayed on our boat, web site and/or transport trailers. Additionally, corporate sponsors will receive acknowledgement during televised interviews as well as announcements prior to every run at well attended events. Public exposure will be tremendous, as we are becoming fan favorites with past back to back victories at Mission Bay in San Diego in the TE class and numerous second and third place finishes in other events throughout the Southwest, Texas and up and down the west coast. The San Diego event alone draws up to 10,000 spectators and is televised. This year the race circuit has been expanded to include Oklahoma and Missouri too. Also, logos displayed on our trailers will be seen by travelers all along the interstates as we go from event to event. This year, with the possibility of an on board camera, we will be able to provide corporate sponsors with space on the front of the helmet which will provide tremendous national television coverage opportunities.


Thank you in advance for your consideration. We look forward to hearing from you to discuss how our future partnership can prove to be mutually beneficial. Please contact Terry or call (505) 660-2503, or E-mail Richard web master



Terry Kain, Owner / Driver



Racing Kain Drag Boat Racing Team

Terry Kain – Owner, Los Alamos New Mexico (505) 660-2503




Package #1 Includes:

  • Your Name announced as a sponsor at the race for each boat:
    • 1-3 Times for Test & Tune
    • 1-3 Times for Qualifying (Saturday)
    • 1 + Times for Elimination
  • Your Sticker on Our Road Trailer – Viewable in the Pits and on the Road
  • 1 Signed Picture of the boat


Price for Package #1  - $500.00


Package #2 Includes:

  • All items listed in Package #1
  • Your logo on the Boat (2” Maximum height)
  • Your logo on our race trailer
  • Your logo on our T-shirts (small print)
  • 2 Tickets to the event of your choice
  • 2 Racing Kain T-Shirts
  • 1 Additional Signed Picture of the Boat


Price for Package #2  -  $ 750.00


Package #3 Includes:

  • All items listed in Package #1
  • Your logo on the Boat (4” Maximum height)
  • Your logo on the race trailer
  • 2 Tickets to the 2 Events of your choice
  • 4 Racing Kain T-Shirts
  • 2 Additional Signed Pictures of the Boat
  • 2 Hours Showing Time at Your Establishment (Times to be negotiated and must be within hour distance of race track)


Price for Package #3  - $ 1,000


Premium Packages May Include Negotiated Items and Price:

  • All Items Included in Package #3
  • Sponsorship recognition during Speed Channel Interviews
  • Your logo on helmet for on board camera shots
  • Additional Event Tickets (Up to two tickets per event)
  • Participation with team pit crew at events (if interested)
  • Additional T-Shirts
  • Your logo if available as a patch on our race suits and crew shirts
  • Your banner displayed and product brochures on display and available to spectators in our pits
  • Your Logo printed on our T-Shirts (Large print)
  • Negotiation of length and times for showing
  • Negotiation of sticker size and location on Boat
  • Negotiation of sticker size and location on road trailer
  • Advertisement on our web site and links to your web site and product information


Prices for premium packages are negotiable.


- Diesel trip fuel for tow vehicle


Per race


(Based on towing 40ft trailer with Duramax Diesel truck with distances

ranging from 1600 miles - 4500 miles round trip per race)

- Food for Driver and Pit Crew


Per/Day 5 Day Avg


(Based on bringing our own food for most lunches and some dinners, eating out for some dinners)

- Lodging


Per Day/5 Day Avg


(Based on 1-2 nights staying in race trailer in route and hotels stay at race)

- Race Registration


Per Race


( These are 2009 prices, the price schedule has not come out for 2010 yet)

- Lucas Oil Membership, & SDBA Membership


Per Season


(Based on estimate of 7 races, would like to do 10)

- Test and Tune


Per Race


(Actual cost $150, however not all races - averages $100)

- Spark Plugs


Per Race


(Spark Plugs are changed at least 1-2 times per race)

- Oil


Per Race


(Need at least 2-3 oil change for race engine per race)

- Race Fuel


Per Race


( Barrel of alcohol for race engine)

- Travel Costs for additional pit crew


Per Race


(Typically need to fly in at least 1 additional pit crew member to assist)

- Miscellaneous Costs


Per Race


(Blower belts, new gaskets, cleaner, grease, trailer maintenance, etc.)

Total Average Cost Per Race


These costs only represent averages based on 9 years of expense analysis.

These do not represent the costs for safety equipment, race engine maintenance,

or tow vehicle maintenance for which we bear of all of these costs.





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